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Maria Agnes English Medium Convent School

Maria Agnes English medium school functions under the management of sisters, belonging, to the religious congregation of “Pious workers of St. Joseph” the school is named after the foundress of the congregation, the late mother Maria Agnes, born on 20 the April 1879 in Firenze, Italy and passed into glory on 27 February 1965. She had a great love for children and constantly strived for their welfare. The constitution framed by her beckons the members to involve themselves in charitable activities particularly in regards to education and training of children and to serve the helpless and sick. She was highly accomplished woman of strong faith.

The aim of this school therefore, is very clear the management proposes to provide adequate modern facilities, designed both to develop mental faculties and physical abilities of children, right from the play class on. Emphasis will also be laid on strengthening their basic moral character along the path of trust, justice and compassion, so that they may ultimately turn out to be well informed and disciplined, honest and responsible citizens of our country.
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Madre Maria Agnese Tribbioli
Firenze, 20th April 1879-27 Februvary 1965
Foundress of Maria Agnes English Medium Convent School